Stockist  How can I become a BB stockist?
Send an email to and we will be in touch to get you rolling!

How many bareballs in one serve? Two bareballs.

How many bareballs does one mix makes? Our large mixes roll approximately 16-20 big bareballs (the size of an Australian 20c coin), depending on the flavour.

Delivery    Can I order BB mixes online and do you deliver?
You sure can! Visit our online shop here to make your BB mix selection. Once purchased, we'll ship your mix(es) to you within 2-5 business days depending on your location. Delivery costs vary depending on which packaging material (glass jar or bio-degradable bag), mix size (full or half) and your location.  

Vegan    Are BB mixes vegan and vegetarian friendly?
They sure are! We use an organic and sprouted brown rice and pea isolate in all of our mixes.

Organic   Are BB mixes organic?
Where possible we try to always use organic ingredients. The label on each mix clearly identifies which ingredients are organic. 

Refined sugar free  Is there any refined sugar in BB mixes?
Absolutely not! In each mix, there is a small amount of stevia (a natural sweetener) that is derived from the protein we use. Otherwise how sweet your bareballs are is totally up to you! 

Gluten-free   Are BB mixes gluten free?

Recipe   What do I need to add to the mixes?
Simply coconut oil, water and your choice of sweetener! There is no artificial sugar in our mixes, only the natural sweetness from each ingredient and a touch of stevia from the protein that we use. We let you decide what and how much sweetener to add. 

Sweetener  We recommend using liquid sweeteners so that your mixture sticks together better. Examples include rice malt syrup, maple syrup or honey. Feeling creative? If you feel like mixing things up, we recommend substituting the sweetener with your favourite nut butter for extra nuttiness and indulgence!

Shelf life   How long to BB mixes last for?
Please check the best before date on the back of your jar. As we do not use any preservatives, each jar should last for approximately 2-3 months if unopened and kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. The final bareballs you make will last for up to 1-2 weeks (fridge) or 3-4 weeks (freezer), in a sealed container.

Suitable for children   Are BB mixes suitable for children?
Most definitely! Being made up of 100% natural ingredients and minimal sugar, Bareballs are the perfect snacks for children. Also, because Bareballs are so easy to make kids will love helping out in the kitchen to roll these treats together!

Our environment & sustainability   What is Bareballs commitment to our environment and sustainability?
We love our planet and want to ensure that we leave it in the best condition possible for future generations. As we grow, Bareballs will continually review its business operations to be conscious of its environmental impact. Our environmental goal is to move towards zero waste and utilise 100% recyclable material and 100% organic and or fair trade ingredients.