Citrus & Turmeric (LIMITED)

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Citrus & Turmeric (LIMITED)


Add a little more zest into your life with this bright beaut! Squeeze the juice of any citrus fruit to make these tangy and light bareballs that taste "like a cheesecake". 

Just add Coconut oil, citrus juice and sweetener
Preparation time 15 minutes

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Shelf life
Jar mix: up to 2 months, if unopened, and stored in a cool and dry place.
Rolled balls: 2 weeks in the fridge or freezer (in a sealed container).

Nutritional Information
Based on dry ingredients only
Servings per jar:   8
Serving size:         29.4 g (2 balls)
Ave Quantity            Per Serving            Per 100g  
Energy                              681 kJ              2320 kJ
Protein                                5.1 g                  17.3 g
Fat                                      13.1 g                44.6 g
  - saturated                        6.5 g                 21.1 g
Carbohydrate                     4.9 g                16.6 g
  - sugars                             1.3 g                  4.4 g
Sodium                              11 mg                37 mg

Proudly made in WA from local and imported ingredients.